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Kobe Conference 2010 

         4th URGENCI International Symposium


Teikei, a consumer-led movement started in 1970s in Japan. Hyogo prefecture is where one of the first Teikei group had started Face to Face relationship between organic farmers.

The idea of Teikei is accepted globally now. Practices had extended in various shapes such as CSA, AMAP, Farmer's Market and others. By understanding the role of producer and consumer, sharing the risks and harvests, we all attempt mutual cooperation.


As the distance between the farmland and consumers become farther, interests and understanding of what are behind food production such as culture, biodiversity have been lost rapidly.  

Farm villages, which reflect Agriculture, had changed recently. Family owned farmers: small and medium-sized scale farmers are decreasing. Farming culture, sceneries, and biodiversity are being lost.

Foods, it is source of the life for all the people.

Consumer's understanding and supports are necessary to sustain healthy foods and healthy farming communities.


"KOBE Conference 2010 Community Supported Foods & Farming" will offer the open opportunities to discuss how we build Organic Society.





URGENCI, who we are  

an Urban - Rural Network: Generating new forms of Exchange between CItizens.



URGENCI brings citizens, small farmers, consumers, activists and concerned political actors together at global level through an alternative economic approach called LSPPC(Local Solidarity Partnerships between Producers and Consumers)


Some examples of LSPPC:

AMAP in France

CSA in the Anglo-Saxon countries

ASC in Quebec

Teikeis in Japan

Reciproco in Portugal

As well as their equivalents all around the world





LSPCCs take many different forms in the various parts of the world, based on the social, historical, geopolitical, agricultural and economic specificities of each country or region where they have developed. The members of URGENCI are however united in their belief in the following 4 fundamental ideas:


Partnership : This partnership is characterised by a mutual commitment to supply (by the peasants) and up-take (by the consumers) of the food produced during each season.

Local : this means promoting local exchange. LSPCCs are part of an active approach to relocalising the economy.

Solidarity : partnerships are based on solidarity between actors and involves:

Sharing both the risks and the benefits of healthy production that is adapted to the natural rhythm of the seasons and is respectful of the environment, natural and cultural heritage and health.

Paying a sufficient fair price up-front to enable peasants and their families to live in a dignified manner.


The producer/consumer tandem : is based on direct person-to-person contact and trust, with no intermediaries or hierarchy and no subordination.

It is the absolute respect and implementation of these four fundamental principles by URGENCI members that forms the basis for more general values.


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